Chopper machine for cassava and elephant grass 3A11kW

Chopper machine for cassava and elephant grass 3A11kW 9

3A11kW cassava and elephant grass chopper – make the most of agricultural by-products.

Currently, the country grows more than 550,000 hectares of cassava, after each harvest, a very large amount of cassava stalks are discarded and have not been used effectively by people, usually people will treat it by drying and leaving it on the wings. copper. Not only cassava stalks, other agricultural by-products such as corn stalks, beans, banana trees, and vegetables are also not properly treated, causing environmental pollution in rural areas, moreover. It also wastes a huge source of raw materials for organic agriculture.

You can make full use of agricultural by-products, bringing greater efficiency with a 3A11kW cassava and elephant grass chopper.

The 3A11kW cassava and elephant grass chopper has the main feature of chopping cassava and elephant grass into small pieces. In addition, the machine can also chop agricultural by-products such as banana stalks, corn stalks, beans, sugar cane tops, vegetables, cotton stalks, small branches, etc. The finished product can be used after chopping. used to make fresh food or silage as reserve food for cows, buffaloes, goats, horses, make organic fertilizer, make biological padding.

elephant grass chopping machine
Chopper machine for cassava and elephant grass 3A11kW 2
Chopper machine for cassava and elephant grass 3A11kW 3

The effects of agricultural by-products

Previously, most people knew that the biggest effect of by-products such as: cassava stalks, corn plants, beansprouts, small tree branches, cotton stalks, etc., were dried as fuel. When life is more and more modern, people have started to replace wood stoves with gas stoves, electric stoves, coal stoves, etc., these by-products are also used for many different purposes.

Pet food: Crops of crops (cassava, corn, potatoes, peanuts, soybeans…) can be chopped and silage as pet food, saving costs.

Composting into green manure: Agricultural by-products can be composted into green manure, very good organic fertilizer to fertilize plants.

Biological bedding: Agricultural by-products can be chopped, dried to make biological pads to help reduce odors from manure and pathogenic bacteria for livestock.

The great advantages of 3A11kW . cassava and elephant grass chopper

If you are having difficulty in processing animal food when the quantity of grass, corn, banana trees, or agricultural by-products… is too much, while the equipment is small in capacity. is not the right choice, the 3A11kW cassava and elephant grass chopper will be the perfect product for you. Let’s find out what this powerful multi-function machine has!

elephant grass chopping machine
elephant grass chopper machine

3A11kW cassava and elephant grass chopping machine.

Chopper machine for cassava and elephant grass 3A11kW 6
Chopper machine for cassava and elephant grass 3A11kW 8

Strong chopping blade

Thanks to the sharp blades inside the chopping chamber, it helps the machine chop a variety of materials such as cassava stalks, corn plants, elephant grass, sugar cane tops, green vegetables, etc. with a diameter of less than 100mm into short pieces. Making food for cows, buffaloes, goats, horses, etc. The machine also easily purees the whole banana tree with a diameter of up to 200mm to make chicken, duck, pig feed…

The machine is also capable of shredding agricultural and forestry wastes such as cotton stalks, small tree branches (less than 100mm in diameter), tree bark, etc., to be used as fertilizer, as a biological buffer.

The output product of the shredder is chopped into short pieces of about 10mm. Because it is minced and chopped, the animals will easily eat and absorb the food source. There is no longer the phenomenon that livestock only eat the leaves, remove the hard stalks, bringing unexpected effects to farmers!

Impressive productivity

Together with the powerful chopper, the 3A11kW cassava and elephant grass chopper is designed to use a powerful 380V power source, and the 11kW motor, the spindle rotation speed reaches 900 rpm, so the machine achieves Very impressive performance.

  • The yield of mincing fresh elephant grass is from 5 to 8 tons/hour
  • The capacity of chopping cassava is from 10 to 15 tons/hour
  • The hashing capacity of banana stems is from 12 to 16 tons/hour

With this productivity, people can rest assured to use the machine for medium and large-scale livestock farms.

Smart Design

Although the 3A11kW cassava and elephant grass chopper is quite large in size and weight, it is very easy to move to different places of work and storage. Thanks to the system of wheels and handles, you do not need to worry about moving this product!

The whole equipment is made of super durable steel plate, coated with anti-corrosion, anti-rust and electrical insulation layers. Thereby ensuring durability and helping the machine operate well in harsh working conditions, exposed to high humidity, high friction, many corrosive agents…

The machine is designed with a smart roller feeder, which makes it very convenient to put materials into the machine in large quantities.

The working chamber of the 3A11kW cassava and elephant grass chopper ensures a closed operation process with little loss of materials. At the same time, it reduces the cleaning and hygiene steps like traditional hashing methods.

The unique design of the material discharge nozzle, with the ideal height, allows people to directly discharge the chopped ingredients into the silage bin, or spray it directly into the truck. You will no longer need to carry out the process of moving the chopped ingredients to the place where they are needed.

Chopper machine for cassava and elephant grass 3A11kW 13

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