Wood Crusher - 3A 45 kW

Wood Crusher 45kW

Wood Crusher – 3A 45 kW

In the past few years, the need to use sawdust, sawdust pellets for livestock or fuel is becoming more and more popular. In particular, this item is also exported to foreign markets, providing a stable source of income for producers. In order to help factories and workshops improve productivity and income, we have introduced 3A45KW wood crusher to the market. Found the secret to getting rich effectively with wood crusher 3A45KW.

Who needs a Wood Crusher?

+ Do you own a large-scale wood processing and production facility that wants to take advantage of excess raw materials to increase income?

+ You want to open a sawdust factory for export but still have not found a suitable machine?

+ The types of wood crushers on the market with small capacity do not meet production needs, which makes you want to buy a high-capacity mechanical machine to improve productivity?

Let our 3A45KW wood crusher help you effectively enrich from discarded waste in the most effective way today!

Wood crusher 3A45KW, a companion to make getting rich not difficult

Realizing that biomass from sawdust can be used to bring high profits in the fields of agriculture and industry, especially for effective environmental protection. This is a machine with a sturdy structure, using modern manufacturing technology to turn wood into sawdust quickly. In particular, compared to conventional wood crushers on the market, this machine also helps to save maximum power consumption.

Reasons to own a 3A45KW wood crusher –

  • Solid construction
  • Solid design
  • Sturdy design

3A45KW large capacity wood crusher

The 3A45KW large capacity wood crusher is used as the main material of high-strength steel, ensuring certainty, minimizing vibration during operation. In particular, it also helps to improve the life of the machine, the chassis is also machined firmly, so the machine is more stable.

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Convenient design

This machine is quite special designed with two loading doors on both sides. This has the effect of handling a wide variety of materials such as logs, sawn timber, boardwood, twigs and some small firewoods. In addition, the knife plate is also equipped with 6 sole choppers for better cutting. When the materials are put into the feed hopper, the choppers will chop, then the hammer will do the job of breaking the shavings into sawdust in a short time.

Impressive productivity

Compared with other models on the market, 3A45KW wood crusher is considered to have more outstanding advantages. Due to the use of 3-phase current, the motor has a capacity of 45Kw, the motor speed is 1450 rpm, so the machine has a capacity of 800-1,900 kg/h per hour, depending on the type of material and the sieve surface.

The drier the raw materials, the higher the productivity of the 3A45Kw wood chipper

The drier the material, the higher the yield

This machine will definitely be an indispensable companion of large-scale woodworking and manufacturing facilities, workshops and factories.

Safe for users, energy saving

There have been hundreds of wood processing and production facilities that get rich quickly with the support of 3A45KW wood crusher, do you want to be the next successful person? Please contact us immediately for the fastest support!

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Serving in animal husbandry

The highlight of sawdust is that it has a very high moisture absorption capacity, so it is popularly used as a biological cushion for livestock with uses such as reducing toxic gases and odors in livestock cages. .

Thereby creating an unpolluted environment, helping livestock to develop, especially in densely populated areas. With pets, this material also works to reduce asthma, diarrhea. Therefore, it helps to minimize the cost and effort in the treatment process.

Serving for farming

Sawdust is widely used in many mushroom growing programs such as straw mushrooms, Ganoderma lucidum. It has just created a source of self-cultivated mushrooms with high nutritional value, ensuring food hygiene and safety and excellent materials.

Create a valuable fuel source

Using a wood crusher to produce sawdust is considered a perfect solution to replace many traditional fuels. It has both helped users no longer rely heavily on fossil fuels, contributing to reducing the greenhouse effect.

Environmental friendliness

Traditional fuels often create a huge source of emissions into the environment. For factories and factories near residential areas, they often have to install a lot of machines and tools for processing, so the cost is often quite high. But when using sawdust as fuel, it completely does not pollute the environment, moreover, it also creates a faint aroma, so the cost of exhaust gas treatment is usually less.

Let the 3A45KW wood crusher help you earn an attractive income today, which hundreds of customers have succeeded in!

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