Whole chicken grinder 3A 11Kw

Whole chicken grinder

Whole Chicken Grinder 3A11 kW – Super efficient animal feed processing machine

Animals such as chickens, ducks, crabs, snails, fish, etc. contain a lot of protein, minerals and other nutritional components, so people often use them to add to their pet’s diet. However, the work of smashing snails, crabs, mussels, etc. or chopping fish, chickens, ducks, etc. into puree form is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job, as well as potential labor accidents. undeserved action.

Chicken Bone Grinder

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Grinding Whole Chicken for dog food

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Grinding Whole Chicken for dog food

3A11Kw whole chicken grinder with the feature of pureeing whole chicken, duck, fish without having to cut in half, cut in three. In addition, the 3A chicken bone grinder is also capable of grinding and grinding all kinds of crabs, snails, mussels, mussels, etc. The output product is used as food for many other animals such as baba, eel, fish, pig. , chicken, duck, dog, cat,… The machine works with a capacity of 1 – 1.5 tons/hour, the device is suitable for use in livestock farms, feed processing facilities, and applications. in slaughterhouses to process by-products such as chicken heads, necks, etc.

Large capacity motor works strong and durable

Chicken bone grinder 3A uses a powerful 380V power source, with an 11kW motor with 100% pure copper core, the rotation speed reaches 1450 rpm. As a result, 3A industrial chicken grinder for high performance and long durability during use.

Smart machine design convenient to use

The mill grinds raw materials by means of a large and powerful screw-type grinding shaft, combined with a cutter and a sieve. The 3A11kW whole chicken grinder can simply crush the bones of chicken, duck, fish and both the hard shell and the meat of all kinds of crabs and snails. Raw materials are crushed to help pets easily digest and absorb nutrients better, people can feed them directly or process them with other foods.

The feeding unit is designed in the form of a hopper, with a suitable height to ensure user safety. The wide feed door allows to grind whole chickens, ducks, fish, etc. up to 300mm in size.

Chicken neck grinder 3A11kW is equipped with 3 sieves 8; ten; and 12mm. When you need to grind raw materials with different sizes, suitable for each type of animal, you just need to change the sieve surface accordingly.

The 3A11kW chicken head grinder uses a dedicated electrical cabinet to control. With this electrical cabinet, the machine is easier to operate. The user can go through the cabinet to know if the machine is connected to the power source, can turn on, turn off the machine and stop the machine during operation quickly. In particular, if the current is flickering, the electrical cabinet will cut off the power supply and stop the machine from working, helping to ensure the safety of the user and protect the machine as well as other electrical equipment in the same network.

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3A11kW household chicken bone grinder has an optimal structure, a well-balanced design. The machine frame with 4 rubber wheels makes it easy to move, good bearing to reduce vibration during use.

Accessories are easy to replace

The 3A11kW whole chicken grinder is completely researched and manufactured by Tuan Tu Electronic Joint Stock Company, suitable for Vietnamese people. The machine meets the criteria of easy operation, easy to disassemble for cleaning, maintenance and more importantly, easy to replace accessories when needed.

Cleaning 3A whole chicken grinder.

With the 3A11kW whole chicken grinder, you can take advantage of locally available, cheap chicken, duck, fish, crab and snail ingredients, saving on pet food costs and at the same time ensuring the safety of your pets. Pets are provided with enough nutrients, grow quickly, and are healthy.

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