Vertical Shaft Pellet Machine - 3A 8Hp

vertical shaft pellet machine

Vertical Shaft Pellet Machine – 3A8Hp – The golden key for livestock households

The 3A8Hp vertical pellet mill is a product that has been researched and improved the locomotive parts and machine frame to meet the production needs of livestock feed of people in all regions, especially especially where the power source is weak or there is no electricity. The equipment is used to press all kinds of corn bran, rice bran or crab, snail, fish, fresh vegetables that have been minced, into pellets to serve the needs of livestock and poultry. With a productivity of 70-100kg/h, the 3A8Hp pellet mill is the golden key for small and medium livestock farmers.

3A8Hp Vertical Pellet Mill – Small farms still make big profits.

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vertical shaft pellet machine 8

Advantages of Vertical Pellet Machine 3A 8 Hp

Electric motors are quick and convenient, but for livestock households in remote areas, areas with weak or no electricity, it is a disadvantage. Understanding the difficulties of the people, 3A technicians continue to improve the chassis and locomotive parts:

  • The frame of the pellet mill is firmly designed, made of high-strength steel. The chassis is responsible for supporting the entire weight of the machine, and at the same time, this position has been carefully calculated so that people can place the engine to replace the electric motor.
  • The machine has been installed with an 8Hp . engine
  • The locomotive runs on an improved electric motor, people can completely buy it separately and install a diesel fuel-powered detonator, flexibly using, regardless of the power source but the quality of the first product. out remains unchanged.
  • In addition, this mini pellet mill is also researched to design 4 large, sturdy movable wheels. Therefore, even when placing the explosive head engine on the chassis, it is still easy for people to move the equipment from the storage warehouse to the production place.

Vietnam is an agricultural country, but every year it has to import animal feed and raw materials for production, which is expensive. Meanwhile, if faced with market fluctuations or epidemics that cause mass death of livestock, the risk rate is very high, there is a risk of losing everything.

Therefore, taking advantage of available materials to save costs is a safe direction for farmers. People can use bran powder (rice, corn, wheat, soybean), crushed by-products such as green vegetables, shrimp meal, molasses fish meal, snails…

It is estimated that when using homemade pellets, farmers will save about 30% of the cost of investing in feed for livestock. Moreover, farmers can actively mix ingredients in the right ratio to help feed rich in nutrients, stimulate livestock to grow quickly, have good resistance, and meet the needs of the consumer market.

In the past few years, the prices of cattle and poultry in the market have fluctuated frequently. However, the prices of animal feeds and veterinary drugs did not decrease, but only increased. To be profitable, farmers are forced to reduce input costs as much as possible. “

Producing fast and quality animal feed by yourself

The 3A pellet mill is designed in the form of a vertical shaft, equipped with presses and sieves. As a result, the input materials continue to be mixed more evenly, finely and finely ground for even, tight quality bran pellets, each bran pellet has a length of 10-20mm, the pressing capacity is from 70-100kg/hour, meeting the requirements. daily livestock needs of households, small and medium farms. Please note that the input material should have a moisture content of 10 – 12% to reduce loss and increase the quality of the finished product.

vertical shaft pellet machine 4
vertical shaft pellet machine 4

Self-produced bran pellets from the vertical roller bran press do not contain toxic substances, preservatives, and prohibited ingredients, so people can use them to raise pigs, chickens, and ducks. At the same time as a reserve feed, saving effort and time in livestock production, bringing high efficiency.

3A8Hp vertical shaft bran press machine helps people make quality, cheap pellets at home Homemade bran pellets with high quality, low price

vertical shaft pellet machine 4
vertical shaft pellet machine 4

3A8Hp vertical shaft bran press machine – accompanies people to solve the “crisis” in the cost of investment in animal feed, improve productivity, and increase economic efficiency.

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