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Floating Bran Pellet Machine for Aquaculture - 3A 16 Hp 5

Golden Secret in Aquaculture – 3A 16Hp Floating Pellet Machine For Fish Feed | Fish Pellet Machine.

To meet the needs of households to use self-produced fish feed pellet machinery, 3A’s technicians have continued to research, improve and bring to them the 3A16Hp fish feed pellet mill that feeds raw materials. automatic. This fish food pellet machine has a reasonable design, powered by a 16Hp explosive head to help people actively press floating fish feed without having to depend on electricity. Depending on each sieve surface, the 3A16Hp fish feed making machine works with a capacity of 50-100kg/h, suitable for small and medium-sized shrimp, fish and seafood farming households.

Fish Feed Machine | Fish Feed Pellet

Bran pellets are the main source of feed feed mill in aquaculture, accounting for 60-70% of the total cost of livestock. The price of bran fluctuates according to the market, causing farmers to be closely dependent.

Most of the industrial bran on the market today is normal bran, when dropped into the water, it will sink. This makes it difficult for shrimp and fish to eat, wastes and contaminates water sources, produces toxic gases, and reduces oxygen levels. Water change is only a temporary solution for households raising in ponds, but in rivers it is not possible.

Moreover, not only depend on food, people in intensive farming areas and on rivers also depend on electricity, especially in the Central Coast and Southeast.

One Feed Pellet Making that solves both difficulties for aquaculture households, that is the 3A16Hp mini pellet making machine - a new innovation, accompanying people!

Floating Bran Pellet Machine for Aquaculture - 3A 16 Hp 1
Floating Bran Pellet Machine for Aquaculture - 3A 16 Hp 2

Feed Pellet Machine | Fish Feed Pellet Machine | Machine Fish Feed

Production of floating fish feed does not depend on electricity

This is an outstanding advantage, a great improvement that 3A technicians have researched and properly met the needs of people. The machine frame is made of strong and thick U steel, which is improved in both material and size for the user to place and fix the detonator, minimizing vibrations and impacts from the outside to ensure the most convenience during use. use.

The 16Hp diesel-powered detonator is completely independent of the power source (especially in areas where there is no 3-phase 380V power source). The improved and integrated belt-booster makes the starting process of the detonator lighter, effortless, and saves fuel during operation. At the same time, it also contributes to protecting the belt, increasing the life of the machine, saving maintenance costs.

People note: In order to press floating bran pellets, the percentage of corn needs to account for 60-70%, fish meal accounts for no more than 5% and soybean meal accounts for no more than 20%.

Automatic feeding for uniform quality bran pellets

3A ‘s floating fish bran presses are the only products on the market with automatic feeding feature. The large, square feed hopper, inside with a rotating shaft, is capable of even more evenly mixing the ingredients put into the press, and automatically feeds that mixed material to the bottom of the press in a regular and moderate manner, ensuring ensure uniform floating bran pellets quality, high nutritional content.

Thanks to the automatic feeding feature, people operate the machine more leisurely, save maximum time and effort, give high productivity, stimulate the fishery to eat a lot and grow quickly.

Semi-automatic feeding hopper, mix ingredients well before pressing

Floating Bran Pellet Machine for Aquaculture - 3A 16 Hp 4
Floating Bran Pellet Machine for Aquaculture - 3A 16 Hp 10

3A16Hp floating pellet mill has a 4-wheel design that is easy to move

3A’s products are always towards optimization, helping farmers to maximize their labor. Therefore, the 3A16Hp floating bran press machine has been designed with 4 large moving wheels, made of high-quality, sturdy rubber.

The wheel rotates 360 degrees, so one person can easily move the machine from the light warehouse to the gathering location of raw materials or close to the breeding area so that the pelletizing process becomes quick and convenient.

Fish Feed Pellet is useful for both floating bran and normal bran

Not only pressing floating bran pellets for aquaculture, the 3A floating bran press machine can press regular bran pellets to raise livestock and poultry of households to help expand scale and increase productivity. , improve economic efficiency.

The size of the sieve surface of the two types of bran is diverse, producing bran pellets from 3 to 15mm suitable for each type of animal separately. The average pressing capacity is from 50-100kg/h.

Fish Feed Pellets Mill | Pelleting Machine

Floating Bran Pellet Machine for Aquaculture - 3A 16 Hp 8
Floating Bran Pellet Machine for Aquaculture - 3A 16 Hp 9

Utilize by-products, improve livestock efficiency

Owning a floating fish bran pellet machine 3A16Hp, people can take advantage of agricultural by-products, cereal grains, bone meal, oyster meal, oilseed meal, molasses, etc., and mix them in the right proportions to pressed into pellets.

The food source after pressing can be released directly in the farming area or stored for a short time. Thanks to that, farmers will no longer have to depend on the fluctuating ups and downs of the animal feed market, and take the initiative and control the quality of input materials, contributing to maximizing farming efficiency.

Floating Bran Pellet Machine for Aquaculture - 3A 16 Hp 11

Finished floating bran

The source of aquatic products, livestock and poultry raised in the direction of biosecurity will give good meat output, do not contain substances on the banned list, ensure good output, and compete strongly in the meat market. import.

It is time to change the form of aquaculture to maximize profits and minimize risks after each crop.

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Fish feed pellets are a type of fish food that is made from a combination of ingredients. These ingredients include fish meal, soybean meal, and the like. Fish feed pellets are typically used as an alternative to live fish food for feeding commercial and ornamental fish in aquariums.

It depends on the type of fish, the size of the pellets, and how long they have been floating in the water.

There are many factors that determine if floating pellets are good for fish or not. These include:

- The type of fish

- The size of the pellet

- How long has it been floating in water?

Fish feed is typically made from a combination of soybean, wheat, and other grains. The ingredients are mixed together at a plant and then ground into small pieces. This mixture is then cooked in large vats until it becomes a dough-like consistency before being dried in ovens and pressed into pellets that are about the size of a marble.

A feed pelletizer is a machine that cuts and shapes the feed into small pellets. Feed pelletizers are used in animal feeding operations to reduce the size of feed grains so that they can flow through an automated feeding system more easily. The process of cutting and shaping the grains into smaller pieces also helps to make it easier for animals to chew them up, which aids in digestion.

It can be used for different purposes such as:

-Producing animal feed

-Processing wood chips or other biomass

-Producing fuel pellets from waste products

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