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vermicomposting machine

3A15kw vermicomposting machine – Useful waste compost machine for farmers.

The 3A15kw vermicomposting machine is a device that has been manufactured and widely distributed by Tuan Tu Investment Joint Stock Company in the market. The machine with the feature of pressing vermicompost into fibers about 30-70mm long, helps households and small and medium-sized farms to apply it to production activities such as the scale of growing clean vegetables, ornamental plants, growing media, etc. growing flowers… achieving high productivity and more efficient economic development.

Currently, with the strong development of modern agriculture, farmers have gradually applied agricultural equipment to production activities, to improve economic efficiency and output products to ensure absolute safety. for user. Vermicompost is always a sustainable choice for people to use in farming, always understanding the practical needs, 3A Company has researched and successfully manufactured a 3A15kw worm pellet machine to serve her. to improve economic efficiency and ensure safe output products for consumers.

Why should people choose vermicompost to serve agricultural production?

Make the soil loose and retain moisture well: Worm manure has a round pellet structure surrounded by a useful layer of glue. Therefore, when fertilizing the soil, it will increase the ability to hold water and nutrients, help the soil become porous, not erode.

Helps plants absorb nutrients faster: Worm manure is dark brown, humus, mixed with eggs and cinnamon larvae, creating a nutrient-rich, water-soluble fertilizer. Vermicompost is 100% organic fertilizer, rich in nutrients, good for the growth of many plants. Vermicompost has a pH=7, so it makes the root zone active for a neutral environment, helping to increase the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Waste Compost Machine

Increases plant immunity: It inhibits and eliminates harmful toxins, fungi and bacteria in the soil. Using vermicompost to fertilize plants is one way to combat pest or mold problems. Thereby, promoting the growth of plants even during epidemic season or abnormal weather conditions.

Worm manure contains many beneficial microorganisms for plants: Worm manure contains many beneficial and highly active microorganisms such as free nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus-degrading bacteria, and cellulose-degrading bacteria. biological catalyst. The activity of these microorganisms is continued to grow in the soil after fertilizing to help plants make full use of nutrients from the soil.

Vermicompost Sieving Machine

vermicompost sieving machine
vermicompost sieving machine

Advantages of worm organic vermicomposting machine 3A15kw

Productivity reaches 1000 - 1200 (kg/h)

Always aiming for people to work to achieve productivity without losing effort and time, 3A has manufactured a lot of agricultural equipment, the 3A15kw vermicompost machine is one of the devices that help her. The organic waste composter vermicompost press with modern technology, helps people to apply vermicompost in the most effective way, the machine gives a high yield of 1000 – 1200 (kg/h), this is an impressive number to serving the production needs of households and farms with small and medium scale.

The output product is even and beautiful

The output product is highly appreciated with a diameter of 10mm and a length of 30-70mm. The uniform and beautiful output food waste composting products are widely applied in the market with great uses from earthworm manure.

Powerful machine machine vermicomposting

The machine vermicomposting operates strongly with a 15kw motor capacity, using a 380v power source, which will help people obtain products in a large quantity of time. The main construction material of the machine is steel, which is electrostatically coated to ensure good anti-rust, hard to be corroded by chemical, chemical or weather agents to prolong the life of the device.

Combine beating and pressing effectively

The 3A15kw vermicomposting machine not only has a use as its name implies, but during operation, the machine also has the feature of breaking the vermicompost before pressing. The waste composting machine with intelligent design brings high productivity to users, will help them reduce labor time, reduce production costs and bring high economic value. In addition to pressing vermicompost, the organic waste composting also has the function of pressing bran pellets to help people use many different purposes to serve production more efficiently.

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Vermicomposting project
How to make vermicompost
How to make vermicompost from cow dung
How to package vermicompost vertical vermicomposting

Detailed structure of vermicomposting machine 3A15kw

vermicomposting machine

Vermicomposting is a process of breaking down organic material using worms. The end product is a nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used in the garden or on plants. It is an excellent way to recycle food waste and other organic material, as well as reduce landfill waste.

The profitability of vermicomposting depends on the cost of ingredients and the market demand for the end product. If you are able to find inexpensive ingredients, then it might be profitable to start a vermicomposting business. However, if you are unable to find cheap ingredients or there is not enough demand for your products, then it may not be worth your time and effort.

Vermicompost is the process of composting organic waste with the help of worms.

The cost of one kg vermicompost depends on the type of worm that is used in the composting process. Redworms are usually cheaper than earthworms, but they produce less vermicompost in comparison.

Vermicomposting is a method of composting that uses worms.

It is a process that converts organic waste into compost, which can be used to fertilize plants.

Vermicomposting is a way to recycle food scraps and other organic material into valuable fertilizer for plants, flowers and gardens.

The process of vermicomposting breaks down the waste by using earthworms which eat the waste and produce nutrient-rich castings (worm poop).

The castings are then used as fertilizer for plants in the garden or houseplants.

Vermicomposting is a natural way of recycling organic waste. Vermicomposting at home is not difficult.

Vermicomposting is a process in which earthworms are used to turn kitchen and garden waste into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used on plants. The process of vermicomposting can be done at home provided you have the right set up.

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