Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine - 3A 5.5 Kw

Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine

Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine – 3A 5.5 Kw –  Make farming simple and profitable.

In rural areas today, the livestock model in the direction of clean agriculture from available materials – self-sufficiency is being chosen by people thanks to the high quality of livestock after harvest. , ensure the safety and stability of the output according to the needs of the market and take the initiative in the source of input food. However, to process raw food materials into small forms for livestock by manual methods, farmers are often very laborious and laborious, leading to low working efficiency. 

Understanding the practical needs of the market,  3A5.5kw multi-function lawn and corn grinding machine with 2 specialized features for shredding elephant grass, vegetables, corn and grinding cereal grains into powder for high productivity. The equipment is the perfect solution for farmers to solve difficulties in livestock production, freeing up labor, improving work efficiency, and increasing profits quickly.

Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine

What are the outstanding advantages of the 3A5.5kw multi-function lawn and corn milling machine?

Difficulties people often face when using manual methods to prepare pet food:

At farms and households, people often combine raising many types of livestock at the same time, resulting in a variety of food sources according to the characteristics of each species, causing farmers to face difficulties:

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare food. Not making full use of available resources. It is easy to cause injury when using knives and rudimentary machine tools. Uneven manual chopping of ingredients leads to animals skipping over and wasting feed. It costs money to buy separate equipment for shredding and grinding separately.

With the 3A5.5Kw Multi-function Grass Chopper and Corn Crusher all difficulties and inadequacies people are facing will be solved effectively and quickly. With only one machine, but with 2 specialized functions of chopping and grinding, farmers can make the most of the available raw materials to meet the food needs of each type of animal, reducing effort and time. Scaling up livestock production is easy. Please quickly contact 3A for a quote on this super handy lawn mower.

The 3A5.5kw multi-function lawn and corn milling machine is researched and manufactured by a team of 3A experienced technicians to help farmers reduce difficulties and hardships in livestock production and bring about the highest profit commensurate. with the hard work put in. Compared with many similar products on the market, the 3A lawn mower has many outstanding advantages:

The industrial banana grinder has a super fast hashing speed. Materials when brought to the chopper will exit immediately at the outlet. The output product is chopped, uniform, the size is only 15-20mm. Thanks to that, it only takes a short time, farmers can create a “huge” amount of food for the farm of thousands of animals. Banana stem hashing capacity is from 7-8 tons/hour. The capacity of chopping elephant grass is from 4-5 tons/hour.

Integrated 2 functions of hashing and crushing

The modern designed 3A multi-function lawn mower integrates 2 working modes: shredding raw materials and grinding bran. Thanks to that, it is only necessary to invest in a 3A lawn mower, but it helps people take advantage of a variety of collected materials to meet the nutritional needs and characteristics of food for many different types of livestock without having to laborious and takes many hours to process by manual method.

Grass chopping feature. Hashing capacity reaches 900 – 1100kg/hour. The 3A elephant grass chopper is designed with a grass cutting chamber consisting of 4 specialized sharp blades, making it easy for the machine to chop raw materials of elephant grass, corn stalks, sugar cane tops, vegetables, … into small forms for superior productivity. dominant from 900 to 1100 kg/hour. Thanks to that, farmers can take the initiative to promptly provide food for their livestock with an average daily consumption of 7-8 tons of raw materials simply without spending too much effort and time.

Double-chamber and hammer design

The 3A5.5kw cow grass chopper has a structure consisting of 1 material chopping chamber with sharp chopping blades and 1 chamber equipped with hammers to help crush and soften materials. This is a unique advantage that sets it apart from many other lawn mowers on the market today. The machine helps to take advantage of many different materials, even the old and hard body materials are chopped and crushed so that the animals can absorb maximum nutrition and do not ignore the waste of food sources. 3A5.5kw cow grass chopper.

Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine
Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine

Automatic Feed Conveyor

The chopper of the 3A Elephant Grass Chopper is designed with an automatic input feeder conveyor, so that people only need to simply place the ingredients on the conveyor so that the machine can move and push the materials into the chopping chamber without losing too much time. a lot of effort to push the material continuously. At the same time, the feeding conveyor helps to regulate the material into the chopping chamber continuously with a more even amount, limiting the occurrence of overload or too little material leading to the machine not working at full capacity and ensuring safety. for the operator to limit the occurrence of accidents compared to manually pushing the grass directly into the door of the chopping chamber.

Uniform Product Output

When power is supplied to the machine, the minced materials will be slowly pushed by the conveyor belt into the door of the chopping chamber, where the roller will push the material in under the impact of the blades. to the softening punching chamber and then pushing it outside with uniform dimensions < 20mm. Thanks to being equipped with a crushing sieve with a hole diameter of 4mm, when the raw materials are transferred into the crushing chamber, the crushing hammers will pass through the sieves to screen the required materials before being pushed out. Therefore, the cereal grains after grinding into powder form are all small and uniform in size < 4mm.

Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine
Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine

Grain Grinding Feature

Crushing capacity reaches 150-200kg/hour. 3A corn mill uses a 5.5kw motor with 380V power source with a rotational speed of 1450 rpm combined with a system of grinding hammers to create high working efficiency with a crushing capacity of 150-200 kg/hour. . Therefore, on average, the machine can process tons of feed materials for large-scale livestock and poultry a day without having to spend too much labor compared to manual labor.

Dust Collector Cyclone Design

The grinding unit of the 3-phase corn mill is equipped with a cyclone with a diameter of 270mm and a height of 700mm, which is connected to the product outlet to help prevent dust leakage to the outside during operation. operator’s health and the surrounding environment, while minimizing the loss of raw materials after grinding.

Dedicated Shredder and Hammer system

The 3A multi-function bran mill is designed with a grinding chamber with 4 sharp blades 5mm thick and 37 hammers 3mm thick. The knives and hammers are both refined and annealed to increase longevity, have high hardness, durability and create good crushing force to produce uniformly chopped ingredients of the same size and materials to grind grains into powder form. bran provides a diverse source of nutrients for animals to develop timely in each stage.

Rugged and Safe Design

3A corn crusher is made of the main body of thick sheet steel material, the iron frame is sure to not shake during operation. The engine is located inside the chassis to help users avoid collisions or falling materials that cause dangerous engine jams. In addition, the tripod is equipped with heavy-duty rubber wheels to help people move the machine easily to many different working points in a convenient way.

Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine
Multi-function Grass Cutting Machine and Corn Cutting Machine

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