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Industrial Banana Chopper 7.5 kW

The 3A7.5Kw industrial banana chopper is capable of chopping banana trunks with a diameter of up to 20cm and many other by-products, with a yield of 4 – 8 tons/hour. Suitable for medium and large scale livestock and poultry farms. Contributing to the optimization of input feed costs, bringing high economic efficiency. 

Over the years, many banana chopper lines of 3A Company have been creating a new breakthrough. Actively contributing to the animal feed processing process in small-scale cattle and poultry models. As the demand for food is increasing day by day. The farm is also gradually expanded with a high degree of specialization and mechanization.


The 3A7.5Kw multi-function banana chopper is widely used for medium and large-scale livestock and poultry farms

At the same time, farmers require banana shredding equipment with larger capacity and higher efficiency. More by-products can be used to optimize costs.

If the small capacity machines (1.5Kw and 2.2Kw types) are mainly used to chop the banana body, in the improvement of the machine, the device can chop a lot of other by-products. Even the trunk is stiff and strong like a cassava tree thanks to the knife plate with 3 chopping knives made of thick C45 steel plate.

Breeders can make use of raw materials such as: banana stalks, elephant grass, corn stalks, peanut stalks, sugarcane leaves, bagasse… In case of fresh straw, it is recommended to mix more straw with elephant grass for input materials. Humidity between 60 and 70%. Avoid machine jams.

The chopper is made of steel, so the machine also has a secondary function of chopping cassava stalks and small branches.

The industrial banana grinder has a super fast hashing speed. Materials when brought to the chopper will exit immediately at the outlet. The output product is chopped, uniform, the size is only 15-20mm. Thanks to that, it only takes a short time, farmers can create a “huge” amount of food for the farm of thousands of animals. Banana stem hashing capacity is from 7-8 tons/hour. The capacity of chopping elephant grass is from 4-5 tons/hour.

Banana stem, elephant grass after being chopped can be mixed with bran, molasses, biological products for buffaloes, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, etc. scarce season, cold weather, hoarfrost.

This is a source of forage providing fiber, vitamins and many necessary trace and macro elements for livestock and poultry. Help farmers reduce the burden of input costs, increase resistance for livestock, move towards a closed farm scale, biosecurity. Increase the value of food output.

The ready-made stalks are crushed, dried, and ground into a powder that can replace cassava roots in starch products. Used to supplement pet food.

3A industrial banana slicer is equipped with a large 7.5Kw motor. Use a 3-phase power supply with a separate electrical cabinet. Thereby, solving the problem of power consumption during machine operation. At the same time, it ensures the transmission capacity of the engine, helps the machine work stably, and limits the occurrence of fire and explosion incidents. Maintain productivity as well as operator safety.

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